"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. It'll soon be here."

Prepping for your session can be stressful. I was once a high school senior- I get it!

During this time of your life, you're going to feel a bunch of pressure: school, your first job, first time by yourself in a car, and now your parents want you to get your senior photos done! I know, I know. It may sound a little lame, especially if being in photos isn't really your "thing". But trust me when I say "you won't regret this"!!

When I graduated, high school senior photos weren't really "all that"- at least not like they are today. I had the traditional headshot (maybe not traditional considering my hair was blue) for the yearbook and then the cap and gown, but nothing really special. And yes, I did attempt my own, but I was 18 and brand new to the photography world, so they did not come out great.

But once your graduation day is here and over with, I promise you that you're going to be so happy that you took the time to do this- even if it is just for your mom right now. High school is your life right now, but those 4 years fly by and then suddenly high school was just a blip on the timeline.

I'm so happy I get to capture that "blip" for you!

Before our big day, there's just a few things I want to touch base with.


Gentlemen, this is very important for you, too! When it comes to being a high school senior, you've got a lot going on! Sports, hobbies, work, etc. I want these photos to reflect you. If you're in football, wear your letterman jacket in a few photos; if you're into art, bring your overalls covered in paint! My seniors can have up to three different outfits, so your creativity can go wild.

I recommend wearing colors that complement your skin and hair, and also are appropriate for the setting. So if we're shooting on the beach, you're probably not going to want to wear 3 inch heels.

Group your outfit choices as much as possible by putting them on hangers. Also make sure they're ironed before our session; I can work photoshop, but too many wrinkles I cannot do anything about.

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Props really make your photos!! If you're into sports, bring a ball, bat, etc. If you're into art, bring your easel and canvas! The possibilities are endless.

Your hobbies don't have to be school related, either! If you like to fish on the weekends, you're more than welcome to bring your rod and tackle box. Again, these photos need to look like they're yours! So bringing anything you can to do that is super beneficial for us both.

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Hair and Makeup

This isn't a necessity, but I always like to inform my clients that I do work alongside with a hair & makeup artist, and she is fabulous in this department! We can just tack this to your retainer fee, or you can pay her the day of. But she's wonderful with capturing the "natural" look, and she can even make you look dramatic if that's what you're going for!

Otherwise, if you're planning on doing your own hair and makeup, here's a few pointers I recommend keeping in mind:

1.) If you don't do your makeup often, less is more.

  • Makeup can be super hard to take off, so if you end up messing up, I'd for you to scrub your face until you're red just hours before your session!

2.) If you're thinking about changing your hair completely, I recommend doing so before 2 weeks from your session day.

  • Any new colors or cuts that you've never done before, can end up in you not totally loving it! It also tends to look a little different when we leave the salon, right? Two weeks is plenty of time to walk around with your new look and figure out how you're going to wear it for your session!

3.) Bring a brush, a mirror, clips/headbands/hair ties, and hairspray to your session!

  • It may end up being super windy, hot, etc., so always prepare for the worst! Also, style your hair a few different ways in case we do need to have your hair up and out of your face.

And lastly.. Check your attitude!

No matter what type of session I'm shooting, it's always best to be in a great mood! I know being a teenager means that some days are harder than others- I get it! So if you end up waking up and you really cannot get in front of the camera, let. me. know.

I am so understanding about mental health!

You'll feel heard, I'll be at ease, and your mom will be so happy that we rescheduled in the long run because that means she's going to see your best images as the final result!!

When it's time for your photos, though- relax, leave your worries at home, and just know you are going to look amazing!!

High School Senior Collections

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The Noble Collection

  • Client prep guide
  • 6x6 book
  • 20 digital backups
  • $100.00 product credit
  • Print release


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The Momentous Collection

  • Client prep guide
  • 35 digital backups
  • 8x8 Heirloom Album
  • $175.00 product credit
  • 15% off of total above $175.00 product credit
  • Print release


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The Outstanding Collection

  • Client prep guide
  • All digital backups (50+)
  • 8x8 Album (35 images) w/ a presentation box & 64 GB flash drive
  • Additional page's $75 each, 2 images per page
  • $300.00 product credit
  • 20% off of total above $300.00 print credit
  • 50% off of Family Portrait Retainer Fee (to be used within 12 months after ordering appointment)
  • Print release


The A La Carte Menu

  • 8x8 Heirloom Album, Presentation Box, & USB

(20 images / 40 pages) upgrade to a 10x10 w/ 35 images for $300 more


  • 5x7 Heirloom Folio Box with 10 Matted Prints

$1,000.00 (5 additional matted prints for $300.00)

  • Mini Accordion Book


  • Canvas: 11x14 $300.00 | 16x20 $400.00 | 20x24 $600.00 | 24x36 $950.00

  • 2-Image Folio Book


  • Digital Backups (available as an album or folio box add-on only)

$475 for 5, or $100 each

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