How I Learned the Hard Way.

Let me tell you why I back up every. single. session. now!

So I use to be the photographer that either didn't make backups, or only had their "backups" on their laptop still. I wasn't unaware that technology issues happen. I knew how to have external backups... I was just lazy. Plain and simple. I honestly thought that I would be forever lucky and never deal with any issues when it came to unedited images and finished galleries. 

Well guess what... that changed very quickly this past December.

December 2022 was both horrific and amazing.

December 2022 was amazing for one reason and one reason only: my son was born. Other than that, I was stressed, miserable, and filled with anxiety. This past December was my busiest and my worst month in business history. How?? 

My computer's hard drive completely corrupted.

The Grinch sessions have always been a huge hit, and 2022 I actually overbooked! I couldn't believe it! I was about to have my baby and have a full bank account with returning clients in the future... WRONG. After every session but one, and two weeks before my due date, I uploaded all of the images from the Grinch sessions and put them on my computer. So they were safe! I completely wiped my SD cards so I would have a fresh start in 2023. 

Literally the next day my hard drive corrupted and 90% of those sessions were GONE. Completely gone. 

Some rescheduled for a standard family session in 2023, but most needed refunds. I was devastated, embarrassed, and just completely wrecked. 

So now I back-up everything.

And I back them up three times. If I can't find a moment to put them in my Google Drive, my external hard drive, and my website gallery, then they stay on my SD card

If all of my SD cards are full (not likely, but does happen on huge mini session months), then I will buy a new one. I will neverrrrrr risk December 2023 happening again.

And if you don't back up your gallery once it's complete- don't sweat! I will never delete them so you will always have the ability to redownload them if something tragic (like what I went through) were to happen. There is a re-opening fee after three months, but it's only $15.00 ;)