Before I started offering Print Credit, nobody bought products.

It didn't make me sad that nobody was buying products because I wasn't making any additional money, but because people were missing out on a beautiful product to keep their memories alive in. Yeah, sure, Shutterfly and Walgreens exist, but I'm telling you: it is not the same. I use to be a frequent Shutterfly customer, and I use to even use them to make "professional" albums... I was SO wrong to do that. Not only does Shutterfly not have the customization that my new labs have, but they don't have the level of professionalism that my new labs have. I mean, the quality of just the paper alone is not that great. And I don't mean to bash them- I really don't. I still use them every once in a while, but really only for when my phone is full and I need to delete a bunch of stuff. I'll upload all of my selfies, and those kind of memories, and have 50+ photos sent to my house for under $20.00. It's a steal! But every single time I get them, they're blurry, not cropped right, and they honestly just look terrible. And I'm fine with that! These are just for me, and me alone. Maybe for my son to look through when he gets older, too.

But something that's super important to me, like my maternity session, or the birth of my son, I want to display around the house. I don't want them printed and then shoved in my hutch like the rest of my photos. And like I said, Shutterfly is super awesome when it comes to something quick and cheap, but not for something that is super important to you like family photos.

So where ya going with this, Ryley?

I'm so happy you asked!

It's more personal.

Not only are these photos important to you, but they're important to me! I take the time and effort to carefully put your albums together, make sure your frame is cropped right, etc. And if we're close enough, I will personally drive to your house and hand-deliver your products. I absolutely love to see client's reactions when they receive their items! Online places like Shutterfly do not have the best customer service; believe me. I've been on the phone with them for hoursssss at a time before. If you're ordering products through me, guess what? You continue to get the same customer service that you did during and before your session! There's no third party that you have to deal.

It's something that's actually going to last.

When you order products from me, I can promise you that your albums, your prints, canvases, etc. will last for generations to come. If your product ends up damaged (not from placing your cup on it), you have a lifetime guarantee that you'll receive a 100% complimentary replacement. That's how sure I am that these products are worth the money. And I know I mentioned that I'm offering print credit now.

What the heck is print credit??

Print credit is a B.E.A.UTIFUL thing! It's basically just an online gift card that is good towards my online store! And I'm not talking about $10-$20.00.. I'm talking about HUNDREDS off FREE dollars that YOU get when you book a full-priced or themed mini session with me! You get to order photo albums, canvases, metal prints, and more!

Okay, Ryley. But you didn't tell me why having prints is super important.

It's important because having tangible products around the home do several things for you and your family: your house looks even better, you're showing off what's important to you, and your children will get a huge confidence boost! Don't believe me? Look it up! It is scientifically proven that children feel more confident and gain a better sense of what family is when they're constantly surrounded by photos of themselves and their loved ones. And again, you absolutely can order from Shutterfly or Walgreens, but why not invest in something that's a.) going to last a lifetime and b.) look super pretty doing so??